Do problems seem to rule your life?

No peace, just one thing after another?

Would it interest you to know that we like problems?

Problems define us, they give us an identity and a “cause” to live by. And as much as we want to try to solve problems we simultaneously don’t. Because we wouldn’t know who we were without them and that terrifies us.

What we are at our core is peaceful and happy, and when we know that, solutions come to us as we flow and live our daily lives.

(Yeah, right! I hear you think: “In your dreams!”)

But guess what, that’s what we are living,
a dream-like existence:
unconscious, unaware and bedazzled
and bewildered by constant image-making,
trying to fix things from what we know from the past,
or prevent things happening now by living in future fixes,
and all because we are afraid to go deeper.

We are scared of what we might find.

Ironically, we are only afraid of ourselves.

But it’s not what you think.

It’s not all those past hurts, unresolved issues, and conflicts
we’ve shoved into our subconscious mind that we are afraid to look at.

What we are truly afraid of
is something much bigger than you or me.
We are afraid of our connectedness;
to each other, and our true spiritual identity;
which is really saying the same thing.

So we are more afraid of our own love and loving Identity as One.

But we have to go there to find the source of peaceful loving solutions that are good for everyone.
We have to engage the love we are at our core it to find true lasting solutions.

And that’s where I come in.

I am a transformer of consciousness. Hence Zumi Potts’ Healing Studio.

It is my business to bring to conscious awareness for others,
the real blocks to light.
Not what we think is there,
but what is really there.
And by the nature of looking with love, anything not like love recedes from awareness, allowing true peace, lightness and love to serve us.

Engaging your own loving presence, your true identity in light, makes peace and happiness lasting.
And you will stop making up problems that don’t need to be,
because you are being your Self.

 Make an appointment for a personal transformation session, click here!
Make an appointment for a personal transformation session, click here!




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