When I see others get angry or upset…

Beloved Spirit,

When I see others get angry and upset, I immediately become frightened. Why?

The Love in you no longer has its expression.
All you can see is hate and you think love has died.

Is this the loss of the loving Self?

Yes, it is the most painful way humankind can ever live.

But it’s not true, right?

Correct, it is not true, but the Loving Self is buried and it can be experienced as the same thing: Love has gone.
And the fear is: it will never come back.

And I’ll be stuck in hell forever?

Yes, it will feel terrifying.

So Mr. Wapnick counsels gentleness when recognizing the fear, Spirit.
Can you explain this so I can understand?

Patience is what you need to understand.

In the state of waiting, a silent Hand reaches out to reconnect to you still. It is the Hand of Love. You must wait patiently for the Hand to rejoin you once again, and the cloud that past over your mind will leave off its dull embrace.

So the running away feeling?

Is the terror you feel at Love’s loss.

Rekindle your Spirit, Child, with the blessings of God. He can never leave you.

What has occurred is a temporary suspension of Love’s presence by an untrue machination of the mind.
Its deliberate repose, its posturing, leaves traces of malignancy that burden spectators with the specters of remorse; but all are untrue and all fade with time.

Your keening for a better life supports the transformation of your enmity to delight.
Your purposefulness, the solemnity of Spirit, is the guiding light that shines a path out of the darkness.
You will return Home, Child. It is guaranteed.

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