Heart Murmurs

Zumi Potts Channeled Writing

I get these murmurs in my heart.

When I pay attention to them, thoughts stream through my mind.  Not my thoughts – I wish! – these are more loving and wiser than the me I’m sensorial aware of; and I have to listen. Actually, it’s somewhat painful not to. It’s not like someone’s shouting “You have to hear this!”, more like my heart is knocking at my mind to let it in. To refuse I become heartless and distracted.

So why share with you? Because it is joyful for me to do so. A little scary too, I have to admit. But I want to share. I want you to feel what I feel: this love, love, love, from this Force that loves us beyond our imagination and makes me cry at times with its compassion for me. If I can pass that on to just one other, I am comforted.

About Zumi

Healer, Cert. RR Practitioner, Energy Kinesiologist, Spirit Amauensis
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