I’m full of remorse about what I’ve chosen…

Dear Reader,

This information came in as prose,
but as I re-read it I could feel the meter, its beat,
and decided to format it into a poem for readability.

I find great comfort in the love and forgiveness
that comes in with these words.
I hope you find the same.

I share with love,


Beloved Spirit,

I’m full of remorse about what I’ve chosen (things I’ve done with this life).
When I’m like this, I take it all so seriously. Please help me to get into my right mind about all this and not take it so seriously.

Love is all around you Child,
You could not exist without it.
Peace abounds in you too,
And you could not exist without it.
For love and peace are of God
As you are of God, as you are of Peace.

Weep not for your ‘sins’;
For what you think you have done you have not,
For what you think you starve you have not,
For what you think you exact you have not.
You are the peace you seek.

Rest assured that the love,
The peace reflected in your mind,
Harbors not any remorse
Nor recrimination.
For the Love you are rests surely in the Hands of Him Who loves you,
And peace rests in His mercy and His grace.

Think not you harm your Self;
For in truth not one piece of God’s Love can separate Itself and call itself Divine.
Not one hair of your head will renounce you and call you satan and evil;
For the hair on your head loves you and exists to honor and exalt your good name.

It strives to please you and bring you the comfort you ask of it.
It does not divorce itself of you and then renounce its maker.
In compliance it exists, forever tied to that which made it;
Always obedient,
Always faithful.

It cannot look upon itself and think it better than what made it.
It knows no choice,
No separate will to split hairs with another.
It confounds no-one.
It abandons no-one.

Rest assured in the Divine Presence in your mind.
It harms you not, but opens
To receive your loving acknowledgement of its Dominion.

It cannot stand alone and deny what It is.
It cannot turn its head
Gathering some here,
Leaving others there.
Its welcome embraces all,
And never rests until all are gathered safely in.

Pronounce not the relinquished of time to idle hands,
But see in them a purpose divine.
This is your purpose.

It is a purpose that settles the heart,
and brings a fervent response to the goal of Perfection.

How can you lose, Child,
You who have sat on the fence of time,
You who have cheered on others noting their complete Perfection
Within one moment of one lifetime?

All exists for the purpose of this return;
All counterpoint Perfection within.

Do not listen to fools who whisper stories of success for they do not exist.
For no-one can prove the success of time;
For it waits on no-man.

Listen only to your heart,
The centre of Divine Providence.
It afflicts the quiet mind to the centre of peace.
Open your heart regularly to its whispers;
For while the heart beats strong and loud,
The music of your mind sings infinitely of God’s Grace.

This chorus provides not one but a multitudinous pleasing refrain
That strengthens and rejuvenates your call and response.

Listen not to the beat but regularly,
For here the accompaniment provides the meter,
The measure that beats the path to Home.

© Zumi Potts
August 23 2012


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Healer, Cert. RR Practitioner, Energy Kinesiologist, Spirit Amauensis
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