We never see the world but through the lens of our inner eye.

Dear Reader,

The scribing of this information came out of  asking Spirit
for help with information for me and to specifically share with you too.

Please read this piece as the mind that you truly are beyond time and space.

We forget and confuse ourselves with the ‘life’ we have in bodies, which is not the truth.  The whole point of these messages from Spirit is to help us remember who we really are and remember we are not victims of a world we see.

If you think you are only a body, there’s a concern this information will confuse you at best, and/or reinforce a guilty perspective at worst.

So please be mindful as you read.




Nothing you see out there in a world holds any meaning.

The only meaning that it holds for you comes from your interpretation of a world. Everything in it represents the flavor of your mind.
In other words, everything you see reflects your decision to either enjoy harmony with everything in the world or be disharmonious and at odds with everything you see.

None of this will make sense to you if you keep referring to the past to make decisions about what is happening in the present, because you will automatically imprint onto the present your experiences from the past.

But this is not something to be afraid of because neither the past can hurt you, even as you think it did in the past, nor can it hurt you in the present.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so (Shakespeare, Hamlet).

 …is a true reflection of how the world works. Nothing in the world has the power to affect you. All the power that anything has here was given you by God, and you can choose to use that power in any way you wish.

Most give that power away to others simply because power is a frightening thing when you do not know how to use it. Misuse of power would seem to be the cause of your problems. However, it is the disassociation from ‘having power’ (edit-accepting the power you have been given) in the first place that is the true source of your problems.

Others will often seem to have power over you, but if it were true you would never be able to think for yourself. Yet you know from basic application of thought between daily choices that you have the power to choose.

Once you recognize, even slightly, that the power of decision is within you, you can quickly build to see that the power to choose has immense implications for your life. Activating your power to choose, which includes your very powerful decision to say No! can move mountains; those metaphorical mountains within your self which appear to be the mainstay of your physical existence.

So do not listen to others who profess to know the cause of your worries, suffering or distress because nothing in an outer reality will change until the decision to see your self differently has taken place. Nothing in the outer world can impact you for the better unless the decision to change your mind has first been introduced.

You forget that all power is in you. Once this has been recognized, the decision to change will fulfill its own prophecy.

© Zumi Potts
Written Sept. 12 2012


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Healer, Cert. RR Practitioner, Energy Kinesiologist, Spirit Amauensis
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