What is self-hate?

Dear Spirit,

Please tell me what is self-hate?

(Simultaneously I pick up 2 thought-sentences)

  • Self-hate is a form of abuse
  • It’s  an inability to focus on the truth

What does ‘an inability to focus on the truth’ mean?

It’s the means whereby you accept one premise and replace it with another that appears more desirable, but which in effect causes the opposite of what you want. Therefore subjecting you to more pain and suffering which continues to fuel self-hate.

How does one get out of self-abuse?

By recognising the inherent lie that fuels the act.

You see there is no cause for self-abuse. It’s based on the predicate that you are evil, sinful and deserving punishment. When no punishment is found then the self punishes itself.

Is that reflected in the body when the cells attack themselves?

Your body, yes, correctly seen does indeed reflect the thought system it believes in.
If the thought system believes in sin, guilt and fear, and the need for punishment, it will be reflected in the body, because that’s want you want, and the body can only comply with your wishes.

So to stop cells attacking the body what needs to happen?

Well, first you need to recognize that what you thought was true was not.
You cannot attempt to undermine the power of the commands you have given your sight.

If you wish to perceive yourself as victims of a world then quite rightly your body will be victimized  by your own thinking.
It is impossible to take away symptoms in the body until it is first recognized that the power of your mind to change is under your control.

No one can affect physical change until mental change has been decided upon.

So miraculous cures and miracle healing?

Are the result of the decision to change one’s mind about being a victim of a world.

It rests on faith Child.
There is faith.
Even the small mustard seed of faith builds a new way of seeing.
Yes even if it’s that small, the power of faith to change one’s mind can effect a result that appears larger than the seed of faith itself. Nonetheless, the power of that seed can alleviate symptoms of distress that otherwise might appear to be intractable.

Compounding stories to alleviate pain never works.

Please explain what this means?

You have the power within you to change your mind about all you see.
It therefore follows that you also have the power within you to change your mind about the stories that come to you to explain your dilemmas (rationalization).

Not one of them is true but in repeating them their reality appears set.  The compounding of stories sets the key elements in place that will produce results (effects).

So if your stories are stories of victimhood, then the results will appear to verify that yes, indeed it’s true, you have suffered at the hands of fate, life, difficult relationships, and substances within a world. But this isn’t true and will never be true, no matter how much you tell the story.

What is true is that you see yourself as victim and then find causes to verify that victimhood is real. Nothing other than this is the cause of suffering ever. No matter what the outer appearance may tell you.

Do not be disturbed by this information Child. You cannot break anything by telling the truth.
There is liberation in truth. Use it now wisely to release yourself from despair and suffering.

What is the faith you mentioned earlier, what’s it based on?

Faith is the ability/result (the means and the end) of joining your mind to/with the truth. Once even a little faith has opened a door to light up the darkness in your mind then even difficult and painful symptoms will diminish, because you are no longer wishing for the truth, you have activated it. Energy that was on a course to destruction can just as easily be used for the truth.

Enlightenment comes/dawns for you when you accept that it is only the truth that will set you free. Yes, of course it will first make you angry because the source is not human it’s Divine, and many are incapable of recognizing that the Divine and only the Divine transforms.

You are Divine and only your Self in divinity can change the perception of self-hate you have wrought upon your self. This division in your mind is only a seeming and has no permenance, for in truth a separation from Self cannot occur.

You can turn in your mind to truth and return Home and find comfort within the mind of Oneness. But have no fear, you will not be transported out of a body but in your mind return to your Self in peace. In truth at Home you cannot be victimized EVER because your right mind perceives correctly and is not blocked by false perceptions of any kind.

Take that to the bank Child, it is valuable.

So faith is believing in the Divine?

No faith is accepting the Truth.

Let not the Truth harm your concept of self and you will remain in terror, but sacrifice your love of victimhood and all your trouble will be removed.

© Zumi Potts
Written September 1st 2012

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