In the Still of Nothing You Know

In the following writing, Spirit addresses my fear. This is a deep-seated fear that comes to us all eventually when we recognize the inherent meaninglessness of living a life apart from Oneness/God/ Truth. You know, that separate ego existence that appears to make being in a body meaningful only for itself.  The fear of joining and trusting God/Oneness is often so terrifying that we will not allow ourselves to feel it, and then we miss an opportunity to transcend it.

I often try to skip over the fear by doing things, doing things in a world. I usually go to doing things that make me a better human being, smarter, more knowledgable, more intelligent, or stuff that ‘gets’ others to like me. You know, things that plump up the ego.

Here, Spirit gives me another perspective.

*Interesting to note 2 nods to Shakespeare’s Hamlet

“To die to sleep,
To sleep, perchance to Dream..”

“hoist with his own petard



Remember all is for nought. Not one piece of you remains transfixed in a state of nothing.
No cluelessness exists. No Divine providence provides for you without your existence.
No mercy falls on your face, no sad eyes account for troubles without you.

List not to one side or the other, but place your face in your own hands and recant not the love.
Hold steady, hold true, and release forgiveness, for in your eyes shines Heaven’s gate.

Perchance in dreams you die but in Truth you rest eternal and sure.
Truth, true and abundant, sits in you now; still, patient, and alert.
It cannot in truth sit still, for it is not nothing but All.

Patience requires you sit still, but patience is not of you.

You sit redeemed and yet not redeemable.
You cannot not but await patience’s flow.

It seems an eternity, this waiting.
It seems a forlorn existence does it not,
Awaiting the hands of time to pass one moment into the next?
But it is Truth, is it not, that sleeps, bound up restless in the arms that confine it?
Waiting to burst on the scene and rejoice in the nothingness that created it not.

Confine not your heart to lifetime’s worth of lifeless memories spilled into existence by dormant hand.
Refine the search and let existence speak for itself.
What does it say? Can any hear it?

You counter-act in acting. You listlessly suppress the undoing, as if all talk is meaningful that rests on nothing. Its own petard hoisted on itself.

You cannot counter-act It’s ways, for it is Its encountering you seek.
Cancel not then your foe in this manner, but wander into dimensions unseen to counter-act in truth.

Be entirely patient then, for wandering you must go, until a time beyond time’s knowing.
You will settle into All and reside forever in the still of nothing you know.

©Zumi Potts
Written October 3 2012

About Zumi

Healer, Cert. RR Practitioner, Energy Kinesiologist, Spirit Amauensis
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