Advice from the Stillness about being a healer.

 Pamela Zagarenski

Dear Reader,

As a healer, as a human, doubt of the existence of something beyond time and space loving us, and always present and available, challenges me. Such is the nature for us all of living in a world of our own making and then forgetting we dreamt it into existence. Our true self, our eternal nature, seems to have nothing to do with this world since everything we see and touch constantly seems to reinforce being at the mercy of things beyond our control.

I have had moments of exquisite peace and be shown the true nature of ‘us’, a vision you might say. But they are fleeting and the conviction dissolves in time. As a healer I continually  have to learn to trust that that divine presence is always present and available to me, especially when I am working with clients.

This post is from a dialogue with Spirit when I was losing my faith.



Dear Beloved Spirit,

I have to admit that I am afraid I will get it wrong when I work with clients; I’ll make a mistake and nothing will come.  I’m afraid I’m doing this work with no love but all ego, to make myself important.  So I ask for your help, support and love, and I give all ‘my’ healing work to you to direct.


Dear Child, We are here to help you.  We see you write to me and we wish to remind you that you cannot do anything wrong.  Our love for you is profound, and that love will expand from me to you and through you to others.


All in all what you do on behalf of Spirit lies in your own intention.  Do you do sessions for gain and profit or do you do sessions so that God’s children can be free and comforted, especially now as the forces for change are come among you?  You are preparing a vast wasteland of denied energy to surface and be accounted for.  For the responsibility to undo what has been made-up lie within the hands of the chosen ones: Those who accept responsibility for their stories.


Limited application of thoughtfulness defines the nature of your what you see. Unhappiness and lack of peace undermine the ability to comprehend culpability.  Suffice to say, little or no knowledge of self-direction filters into the awareness and so nothing changes for the better, only more of the same results.


If you hinder the process of reunification, you are stalling your ability to transcend uselessness into positive endeavor.


Do not be discouraged by these words.  You are simply allowing your great need for understanding to rise to the surface.  You want answers to your current dilemma of how the energy from your thinking works and how it affects others, and therefore we give you the background into how you help or hinder.


You cannot destroy the energy.  It mutants and becomes different seeming things, but its source is always divine and its nature is love.  Transferring, stepping down energy to its least common denominator – its weakest link – stills the energy and makes it useless, but the causal ability of love is always profound and powerful.  It exists as the nature of what you are, and in fact reflects your greatest nature, that of the Divine.


Your God-like status seems to wane at the behest of your creations because they are not ultimately reflective of your great assets.  Leave those ( your creations) aside and you will see through portholes, the openings to your Divine Nature, to once again reconfigure energy to reflect the greatest aspects of yourself.  There is no cheating in this, to have some individuals ‘see’ through portholes more clearly than others.  In that respect you glimpse an aspect of your greatness across the field of perception that includes All.


It is the Nature of Divinity to consistently restore you to your original glory – it cannot be foretold of your deliverance from hell without resuming the power ‘to do’ so.  So as you glimpse, as you delve once again into the nature of yourself, you also regain and assume your power.  In that respect, those who ‘see’ are power-builders and they do so at the request of mankind its Self which constantly desires its immortal status once more, and at the very least merely the remembrance of it.


Power-builders do not seek to justify their existence and ask is this right, is this wrong?  They merely provide opportunities for those who seek to regain their balance of existence across the crumpling wasteland of their creations.  In that, they hold the ship of humanity steady upon the sea of disillusion and amorphic contrivances.


Do not feel indebted to those who report on the nature of true reality, for their existence also relies on the very nature of existence upon which all rely.  Their profound seeming ability to move through different states of reality to bring in language that transforms hearts, is the result of years of recognition that what their eyes tell them is happening is a deception.  True reality is glimpsed continually by those who are awakening and the transcendence of fear accomplished.


Despite a viewpoint to the contrary that you yourself purport, you have also conquered your limiting fear responses to what you ’see’.  You feel it now as a confidence to ‘give’ what you hear and see with your mind and heart independent of what it looks like, and more importantly what you believe others wish to impose upon your viewpoint.    Your current dilemma or whether or not to move forward and offer your gift ‘to glimpse’ for others suggests that you are all ready, and that the application of your skills for your own further development now coincides with others acceptance of the possibility of a new viewpoint for themselves.  There is no end a supply of dear souls ready to wake up your commitment to assisting this process in them, and ultimately it helps all to reinvent, re-imagine and reconfigure energy to reflect the glory of themselves again, akin to the natural reflection of their true Godhead.   In this, all seeming abstraction becomes reaffirmed into your reality, and rejuvenation of Spirit ensues.


Do not hinder yourself any longer Child by classifying yourself as incapable.  You will limit your ability to be useful and therefore stymie your impulse to create a better environment for the Children of God to play in.  Take heart Child, all is not lost, all can not be but regained, and your transcendent abilities utilized to the fullest.  Take heart Child for your long journey is over and you may find peace and rest here.  Be still and know yourself as God.

Peace be with you: go in peace.

© Zumi Potts
Written May 12, 2010

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