Dreams of Hate

Artwork by Pamela Zagaranski


Dear Beloved Spirit,


There is so much fear, so much hate.  


Dearest Little One,

Forgive yourself, this moment of weakness. Think not on yourself, but on all others who come to you for help, who need to find a different way.


You have found a different way in me. I am your salvation. I am the gift in the world. I am the peace that you seek. I am, and I am here with you now.


Remember times past when you couldn’t wait for Christmas to arrive? The unwrapping of your stocking and the gifts it contained? Well, I am that gift unto you. I remain within your heart forever, for eternity. There is never a time when the gift of what I am, your love, has NOT always resided in you to bring you peace and reassurance for the truth that is here in the moment.


The peace you want to unwrap now is within you. You settle for pretty wrapping paper, but the gift is inside.  You must see past the paper, you must not end your search there with the nothing that wraps and hides the gift. That would be tragedy indeed to throw away the gift saying it is nothing because you cannot see beyond the dazzle of colored paper, ravenous to simply unwrap, but not accept what is inside.


Fear is the same the way.  It wraps and coils around your heart convincing you there is no value beyond. How shabby a gift I would give if this were true of mine to you.  See what is in your heart, in the deep center of your *Stillness that connects to my heart and all other hearts that remain constant in constancy still.


The truth is you have never left Home.


The fear in you camouflages the essence of your Divine Nature. It will rock you to your core, destabilizing you and make all things shabby, along with its shabby self.


How can fear replace the Love of the Divine, the God within you? How can its tenants/tendrils of fear ever enter the sanctuary of pure blessed divine-inherited Love and pronounce you regretful, and a failure, and a mis-creation not worthy of His Love. How could this ever be?


Only in dreams do you satisfy your longing to replace God’s love with fear. Only in a hate-filled space deemed separate from Him who loves you, could you ever deny God’s grace and call it unwelcome.


I sit before you in the Mind’s eye of your heart. I come to you when you call because it is my job to exchange dreams, fantasies and illusions of such a place apart from you. I come to exchange dreams of hate, your choice of what you would remember, for the exquisite remembrance of your Perfect Love. I come to remove the bitter taste from your mouth of despair and loneliness, and replace it with the joyful savoring of His Sweetness.


Sitting now here as you do, trying to fathom the complexities of hate as if they were some riddle whose puzzle you must decipher to be free forever, I tell you defy the very meaning of undoing. It’s complexities were built to defy God’s love. You only enter into the fray, more devoted and serious as ever if you think you have any answers to its meaning.


For hatred is meaningless. It is simply a diversionary tactic to take you away from the love within.  The Source of perfect love is within your own heart. Hate is the glitzy wrapping paper that you want to satisfy yourself with far more than His Love.


Pretend not to feel the pain of another, but feel the pain within your heart. This place here and now within you is the source of discomfort and sorrow.  All who come into the dream to dance with hate place their hearts on hold and wrap it up tight in order to see there is anything more beyond their heart and its contents.


If you see hatred, know you carry hatred. If you see pain, know you carry pain, and you carry pain for all humankind. Lock out the Love of God as the only solution that can dispel the sorrows of the world and you doom yourself to wander aimless in search of that which you cannot find.


Look only to the source of your despair and worries, the grief you carry, since you gave away the only gift ever worth having, the gift of God’s love to you.


That is why I come. That is why I remain. I am the way, I am the life, as you are, as He is. All heart’s join as one to remember His Good Name.


Peace remains with you, Child. Go in peace.

*Stillness is capitalized because it is a holy place.


©Zumi Potts
Written December 20th 2012


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Healer, Cert. RR Practitioner, Energy Kinesiologist, Spirit Amauensis
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