Flowing vs Following


So much self-hate and self-loathing, a defense against God’s love?

Dear Child,

I am here in your mind. Be not afraid of the spark of genius that resonates in your mind; for you are perfect peace and perfect love. Nothing surrounds you but God’s calling; a call to unite with His Love.

His Presence is felt even in the darkest of places. In the absence of light, places can seem very dark indeed, but even here Love can be felt, if it is sought. Do not forget Him, or His love will not flow to you and darkness will surround you.

Look to your heart and find His Perfect Peace resting there. Confuse not your following with His peace but enter into the flowing and you will be peaceful.

God wishes you well, always. There is never a time when His bounty is not felt. Surround yourself in this and your senses will always be attuned to it.

When Guidance refers to you, it is not a reference to the ego, individualized you that we would normally qualify as the self, little ‘s’. In other words, it’s not I, Zumi, or you dear reader, it is all of us collectively. It is, however applicable to the concept of self when we cannot see beyond our own nose, literally! So read with an open-mind without self-judgement.

And since we really are spirit defined by perceptions of being bodies, what I wrote above is a necessary, important and crucial distinction to make when reading this material. Otherwise, we would feel either terrible guilty that we didn’t follow spirit’s guidance or conversely feel exceedingly superior.

About Zumi

Healer, Cert. RR Practitioner, Energy Kinesiologist, Spirit Amauensis
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