The heart is not for getting, it is for giving.

The Heart is not For Getting, The Heart is For Giving

Dear Reader,

I asked Spirit about Opening Up the Heart, the topic of the first in a series of  transformation classes I’m conducting starting next week, in order to get a higher take on the subject. Here is what come through.


Dear Spirit,

Please, will you share some words to help understand about opening the heart.

Open your heart now Child and let me in. It is as simple as that.

But how do we do that?

Ask for me to enter and I will reside there.

So many of us are afraid of your presence, your Perfect Love. We see you as separate from us and that you will take something away from us, like an exchange of giving to get.

You don’t understand the human heart if you believe this is so.

Let me tell you about the human heart.

The human heart is not an intractable, defenseless creature that doesn’t know the source of its creation;
it knows its Creator intimately.
You, the human mind, pose unspeakable demands upon it to conform to a likeness of itself it does not possess.
In that, you try to take away its core identity and arrogantly substitute it with an image that does not belong to it.
The substitution is a curse and serves to annihilate your connection to Source for its own purposes.

This sounds terrifying.

 Welcome to the world you created.

This seems so hopeless for the human heart.
Here it is, seemingly not defenseless as you say, but then here is the human mind trying to attack it.
How can we ever open the heart when it seems so weak to such a strong-willed mind?

You do not understand the human heart, therefore you do not understand its strength.

Its strength lies in its invulnerability;
its strength lies in caring for itself;
its strength lies in its compassion.


For compassion is to join with that which brings passion.
Your ultimate passion, not that which is dictated by the mind,
is the love of God.
The closer you come to recognizing the futility of constantly attacking the compassionate heart,
the more you will “surrender” to the knowledge
that the heart of God cannot be destroyed.
The heart of God lives in you;
for you are one, and the same.

That is your strength,

and that is your power.

All else is futility and a waste of time.

Now those are some strong words.

As yet Child, you do not recognize yourself.
Only the weakened would make a statement like that.

Yes, I can acknowledge I perceive myself as weak compared to the “strength” of attack I see in the world.

Then you have placed your faith in the wrong things
and indeed you need correction.

So now we come to our first lesson.

In order to open up the heart,
you must first relinquish what you think your heart is for.

It is not for getting, it is for giving.

Here in lies the peace of God.

Go forth and multiple His words.

©Zumi Potts
May 30 2013

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