Choosing love over fear; the unsubstantial, the corrupting and malleable




Spirit, please talk about choosing love over fear?


Peace, Child,

Be in peace.

Love is not a stable state
when you perceive it from your limited human perspective.
It stabilizes
once you renounce complying
with the rules you set up for engagement.

Your rules indicate absolute obedience to laws
that are unsubstantial, corrupting and malleable.

Please understand this:
you cannot comply with rules that go against your nature.
Your nature is divine and free,
setting you apart from worldly rules.

The rules that make you comply to loving only one person
limit your freedom to choose the Identity of your true nature.

For loving never involves a specific,
it always applies to everything.
To choose this special one to bestow your love,
you will diminish the ‘love’ that you think you are.
Your love comes from Him Who Loves.
Your love comes not from this
but from a partiality that bases loving on preferences.

To prefer one human being over another is to provide angst to the soul.
They (the human) can only be the outlet for love.
To provide/pose limits on loving this one over that one,
will confuse the order of love;
and suppose loving comes from you.
But this is false.
Loving comes from the Love that you are
and in this way, all you can do is express it.

So what about attracting a partner to share one’s life journey with?

This is not different from being loving.

Sometimes it is right and proper
on your life’s journey
to provide space in your heart
for another,
who represents all of humanity;
that one individual represents the core identity of Love itself.
It (the relationship) provides the focus for enlightenment, for truly this one, this significant other, reinforces the challenges, the obstacles, that interfere with your capacity for loving everything and all the time.

It is appropriate
to seek out another
to represent this Loving aspect
within yourself,
that is not healed,
but encourages growth toward loving.

It is wise to solicit help
from another in this way,
for this one will mirror to you
the unloving ways that serve you not
and pull you to heel/heal your sorest points.

Go gently into all relationships;
for all are wise ones returning to the counterpoint of love within Love.
All these wise ones seek that which is Holy/Wholly wise,
Holy/Wholly Loving.
You seek perfection without,
we tell you it is within; and perfect starts with you.

Seek perfection within, and your Mate will arrive.

©Zumi Potts
June 12 2013

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Healer, Cert. RR Practitioner, Energy Kinesiologist, Spirit Amauensis
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