“Choose Me as you/r ideal partner and all the love and healing that you want will come to you.”

Artwork by Pamela Zagaranski
Artwork by Pamela Zagaranski

Dear All,


I have a new class starting this Thursday evening in Narragansett, RI. I’m calling it, “Be the Love You Are-Attract the love you want.”


Working with Magui’s work for 7 months and aware of changes for the better in relationships and improvements in all aspects of my life, I’ve built a new class to include my observations with working with the material. I would call this an integration of her work, her viewpoint on healing, with my viewpoint on healing, which includes my experiences from  personal healing (mind-body) with my 13 year practice with clients’ mind-body on-going journey to heal, and my studies into metaphysical and spiritual principles.

It has been an important discovery along my healing journey that healing comes to me and my clients  through us as a gift from the Principal of Life that created us (spirit/mind Self) and its beneficial effects are beyond my body’s brain to understand. And yet that understanding is not required in order to simply be willing to heal, and comes to me and others regardless of any need on my behalf to understand exactly how it happens. When in a body we can’t really know. What we can know is built on faith in observable results over time,  the effect one might say, which helps us recognize a “cause” is present whether we can see the cause with our eyes or not,  touch it or make any scientific discover about its properties.


I have come to know that the cause of healing is love. There is nothing so ill within us as the absence of love. And yet the spark of love remains. It can never go out simply because we are love. Everything else is something we decided, consciously or unconsciously to keep love away, because we intrinsically know deep within the recesses of our mind just how powerful love is. That and if we want our separating ways, not to forgive, not to let go and undo, things which don’t include the well-being of everyone, then we seem to be having things go our way and can claim a little something for ourselves, different and separate from anyone else’s interests. These unaware choices, which we all do, actively choosing although perhaps in a sleep-walking state, do separate us further from remembering that it is the power of love that heals. Separating ourselves out from love is more devastating than we can possible imagine. And yet we do imagine it because we see it everyday.


Time and time again as I did Magui’s work on myself I kept being redirected to the  “Choose the Ideal Partner” step repeatedly. “Why do I keep getting this step?”, I asked myself. The answer came. Perfect Love answered. “Choose Me as you/r ideal partner and all the love and healing that you want will come to you.”


Integration. Choose your ideal partner is the echo, choose yourself as the love that you are, and all your relationships will heal and you will have more abundant love in your life to choose from, to radiate out, and happiness and love will flow wherever it is needed and wherever it is wanted.

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