Spirit Dialogue: The healing purpose of couple relationships in time


“The purpose of your relationships is to provide you a backdrop to confront “your demons”.

If you wish to realize the truth within you, you will one day realize that your expression of love for humankind rests not on having sex but on an open heart. Peace within your heart will provide you with the answers to the dilemma of your external experiences. “Doing” or “not doing” are not the pre-requisites for an enjoyable, peaceful existence. The accessing and utilizing of the resources of your heart provide those.

It is common in your era and society to place physical love and transcendent love in a the same boat, but they do not comply with one another,  for their source comes not within the framework of an earthly body.

Transcendent love mirrors certainty; the unfailing unequivocal means to find happiness in, around, through, and beyond any structure you put in place hiding certainty from you. Coupled within the seemingly endless supply of structures to defend against is where you hide your light, your love, and your compassion. These quantities of existence (innumerable structures) belie your ability to comprehend the truth. Seemingly solid in their existence, they appear to withstand the forces of time and nature. But they cannot.

Your plan to save time from destruction requires you to place around you the memory of those things that appear solid. But as you note, all these things are as like to solid air. They have no substance, nor matter. If you play with substance, matter, as if it is solid then you will forget yourself. You will adhere to principles that mock you, and you will make wrong footholds in time. You will use time wrongly, only to obscure your defenses against God’s love and you will inhibit the control and the limits God places on your misuse of time.

Seeing with eyes of gold will produce a different state/awareness in your mind that all things are golden. And if all things are golden then all things will be seen in the correct light. Then from all things will issue forth a correction or a perception on seeing that will not couch your conscience in sin nor wrongdoing. You will see the truth of other’s actions and forgive all. You cannot sustain for long the knowing of God’s Grace falling on everything if your eyes are golden. Therefore spread your golden eyes on all you see and then right action will be as easy as picking cherries of a tree.”

© Zumi Potts
August 26 2013

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