On Co-dependence

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Your peace is dependent on being the Love of God.
If you believe you are separate from God’s Love and His Will for you, you will suffer.

Seeing your “self” as an island unto your own, bereft of help and companionship, you will naturally project onto others that they have power over you, that they have the power to “save” you for you cannot “save” yourself. This state of affairs is painful at best and full of hate at worst.

Fearing others and their “might” over you will lead you to conclude that what others’ say and do about you, their dictates, can destroy you. Having more than you, you think, and taking the greater and better portions of life for themselves only to throw you scraps, leaves you co-dependent to their whims and moods.

This fear, based on a viewpoint of the world as you see it in your island state, condemns you as well as condemns your  brothers and sisters. For they are protected by the Will of God’s Love as are you; a Power of equal accessibility that condemns you not.

Nothing is more fearful than the supposition that you are removed from God’s Love and not worthy to be equal to others in “power and capacity”*.

Shed yourself of this debase and false accusation.

Peace is in you and of you.
Place yourself in this peaceful place and choose again your equality.
This is a right-minded use of your power.


*Reference to the chapter Co-dependence from Magui Block’s Healing the Family, p.103

© Zumi B. Potts
April 7, 2014

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