On Joining Beyond the Tall Tale of Woe

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channeled wriitng newsletter logo_2When you embark on the journey to undo false beliefs and false perceptions about yourself, you will encounter certain criteria for change. It will become necessary to look at the blocks to your awareness of God’s Love in your life. These blocks, while seemingly profound and significant on the surface, really only serve to keep you locked into the dynamic of separation.


Nothing could be further from the Truth.


To identify one’s self as limited and ultimately victimizable  by a system that cares nothing for you, only serves to reinforce seemingly implausible methods for “escape”. These, along with your assumption that you are not good enough to be loved, harbor ill-will and ill-feeling toward yourself. And while they seem like viable states they are simply not true and therefore, not worthy of your effort and consideration.


The grace of God’s Love compounds not your insignificance in His eyes. His Love for you is all grace. It counter-demands and requires you split from a loyalty to a system of thought that does not have your best interest at heart. This seeming tale-of-woe is indeed a tall-tale that prevents you from looking beyond it.


Suffice to say God’s Love is not conditional on getting into his “good graces”. To know and feel that He is supporting you, simply move aside the tall tale of woe. Simply put it aside and see with clarity beyond.

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