The Memory of a Divine Timepiece

Artwork by Pamela Zagarenski

Dear Jesus,

I have a swarm of images playing in my mind
all directed by the ego.
It’s theme is familiar: guilt.
Round and round they go like horses on a carousel.
I cannot stop this carousel.

I need your help.
I would come to where you are,
Above this swirling mass, above of this battleground of repetition,
And see the truth.
Please help.

Dearest Child, dearest Little One.
Behold your light above and beyond all you see.
It is no coincidence that we should meet here above the fray,
for in that you can see nothing.
Literally, you are blind.

I see with my eye a greater magnitude than you.
I alone, above all the milieu can witness to the truth and the false, and pick what I want.

This is my ability, this is my calling.
I here can witness to the blessings these divine moments can create for you:
the peace, the hope, the tranquility.

See with my eye.
It is not closed.
It does not blink.
But it does peruse and perceive all and find it wanting or lacking, joyful and keen,
as needs must.

I will look with you on what you behold and see the truth and separate it out from the false.
And in this we will join hand-in-hand to form a union that is unbreakable.

I’ve seen your world, as you have built it
and it does seem to falter with little steps of improvement.
But here from this greater height I can tell you a different story.

I can tell you of the love that you are and the gift of peace that you bring.
I can sing of your journey and celebrate with you your triumphs.

But bless you Child, they are not what you think.

You lay over everything a carpet of doom.
A thick mass of an enriched heart wave of care-filled doom.
The kind of thickness that blankets the world and causes the seeing eye to be blind.
This is fact Child and facts cannot be changed.
But their purpose can be changed.

So for a while the thick blanket serves a purpose.
A wholly innocent and benign one.
One that, having been of ill, will now tranquillize the mind and heal the heart.

I have placed within your memory a timepiece.
It serves a different master and so its function, to tell of time, removes the complaints and the ailments that would indeed tell of a need to foster eternal vigilance.

I place it there in your mind to tell of a different time every time yours repeats at hourly intervals.
There are no hours in time eternal, only an alarm to awaken you from your deep sleep.
This alarm is gentle, peace-filled and wholly benign.
It awakens gently and succinctly to the tune of love divine,
and warrants no explanation for it is a tune you know and have sung to your self for eternity.

I love you Child and I love the song you sing.
It’s peaceful lullaby corrals your inner most longing
and hones its departure; a thing most natural and complete.

I am the orchestrator of the most precious moment in time.
The place where I exist for you in love and compassion for a wholesome way of existence.
I strive in my mightiness to bring you together the hours and the way divine.

I am the way as you are the way, as time is a way out of this space.

Love the nature of your development.
See it not as a curse but a timepiece of awakening.
A sure thing. A bet you can deliver with sound advice and knowledge.
It is yours for the receiving.
Receive it now here from me and be at peace.



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