On Judgement—Only the ‘Sinful’ Wish Themselves Ill-at-Ease with Death

© Drawing and Words Zumi Potts

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Dear Holy Self, Jesus, Holy Spirit,

I’m reaching out to ask for help to stop judging. 
I judge myself harshly and I judge others harshly.
I don’t want this anymore.
I choose peace instead.

A thought that came whilst writing: “Wishing can never command will.”—If it is my will to punish myself, no amount of wishing it were otherwise will stop that.)

I admit that I am afraid of what I have made up in my mind about God and my false beliefs that He will punish me if I return Home with all my “sins”.

I keep reading and hearing that I’m a child of God but I keep resisting it, and I resist it by actively choosing to judge myself and others harshly.

Please, I ask for Heaven’s gentle help.



We are here Child, do not be afraid of our presence.
We will not harm you.

We are peaceful in your presence.
We are not angry or misguided about what you are.
We are peaceful here with you now.
We have no ill-will toward you, nor desire to superimpose our will (over) onto yours.
This is your greatest fear.


We will not harm you.
We come in peace, as peace to peace—wholeness to healing.
There is no doubt amongst us.
And here is no warrant for supplication.

We desire no ill-will;
For to do so and except God, of which you are a part, will separate us.
And this cannot be.

Where we rest do you rest also.
For peace is amongst us in the sanctity of Home.
We rest in surety, knowing even as you write from a perceptual world different in nature to Truth,
That peace as yet remains.

We do not doubt this (fight this).
But you appear to have “cause” to doubt since you must wrest God’s love into submission.

We gave up that fight for Truth.
What is there to fight?

Why would you fight peace?

It is the culminating force (culmination) of lifetimes lived in fear
That seems to sublimate the conditions of peace.
But hell has no hold on peace.

It is not a battle of wills you fight 
But for the subjugation of the holy desire to see the end of death.

Death, the conqueror of Truth supposes himself to be supreme victor but dark forces do not exist we tell you.
So then in truth, you fight nothing (alt: in Truth there is nothing to fight).

The only darkness there is arises in men’s minds which would appear in truth to be a dark force,
And yet still finds no repose in Heaven.
Only the “sinful” wish themselves ill at ease with death.

Where darkness lights on nothing, only shadows remain,
And peace sees through shadows.
This is the only thought of death that could be.

Where is the darkness then in men’s minds?
We surely do not know since death never was.

©Zumi Potts
Written October 17 2014










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