Spirit Teaching_On Sitting with Jesus plus the Goodness Question

© “Shade” by Zumi Potts


Dear Jesus,

So I have confusion. I think I heard you say, would I teach with you and would I write 15 minutes every day. Well, if this writing is not a book, then why is it that I write to you?

I need your help Jesus, to understand what it is I am being asked to do? Please direct me.

I suppose I’m stubborn, scared and reluctant, and it has already been said to me a million times but I’m still unclear. Please help me to understand.


Dearest Child, do not fret. It is all being timed perfectly.

Don’t run before you can walk. You see we are aiming at a point in time where you will be perfectly happy and content to move forward with me. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to be with me more and more. It is your system craving our contact because you will feel better after spending time with me in conscious connection. After you have done this for a while you will find that you will naturally wish to reach out to others and express what you have begun to store up in yourself; peace, goodwill, happiness and joy.

Don’t be afraid Child. I will never ask you to do anything that isn’t part of what you are made of, what comes naturally to you or feels completely acceptable.

(I begin to cry)

It’s okay. Have your tears. It is love rising to the surface.

Be bold Child, take my hand and come forward with me. Rest here in my heart and let me fill you with the Love of God.

(And an image comes: I take His hand and He rests his right hand on my heart.)

That’s better. Don’t be afraid; it won’t hurt.

I love you Child. My place is always in your heart. Rest here, assured that no harm can ever come to you. You are not on the earth plane for the reasons you think. Your struggles are struggles to identify your true nature while in physical form. You are not here to supplant your mind with a mind beyond yourself. You are here to integrate what is already yours. Perchance you have already understood that you are pretending to be something you are not and the weight/wait of that pretense is burdensome indeed.

Let us look at your life in terms of its higher nature and you will begin to get a perspective of what your life is all about.

Currently, you rise in the morning in a state of confusion about your life and what direction to take with it. You appear to dismiss your calling to come and be with me because you are troubled by the expectations you think I have lain upon you. But this is not the case. My love for you would never allow me to cause you trouble or pain.

I am charged with taking care with the souls on earth. My job does not include scaring people or robbing them of their comfortable lives. I interfere only at their request. I come because I am called. I am not allowed to interfere if the call has not been put out first. So hear me Child, no where is it written that I can interfere. I can only encourage and manipulate time for your benefit.

Your choice to currently experience the earth level as you do is due to a previous incarnation where you insisted on taking rites/rights to save the world from despair and destruction. You insisted on coming back to this experience to play a part in which you encourage others to overlay a perception of themselves beyond the seeming disparity of what their eyes see and what their heart’s feel. (A troubled mind only sees trouble, it cannot be otherwise. A troubled mind only wishes to be trouble-free and open to a loving experience of themselves beyond the limits of time and space.) In other words, you came to try to satisfy their craving for an experience of their eternal selves.

When you came into this earth plane you decided that you would assist others in the pursuit of themselves beyond time and space which many know as a prison. The limitations of a prison go beyond my words here but which you known intimately. So nothing further needs to be said about a state you are all too familiar with. Suffice to say, in order for you to speak from a place of intimate knowing—the limitations and restrictions of prison life—you must to some degree have its experience first hand, thereby able to speak of it convincingly. After all, you must know what it is you are being released from.

You have spent a good portion of your current life to date wallowing in the despair of the human tragedy; a drama of excellent proportions with a cast of characters that you would say, “Totally rock!” This is not meant to be disparaging, it is meant to show you the dream-like quality of your playing with matter and form.

(For some reason I didn’t finish typing this up, but on Oct. 24 2017, I asked Jesus if he would finish this channel.)

Jesus, please could we finish this channel?
The question being why is it that you ask me to spend 15 minutes with you every day writing?

I am here Child. Do not be afraid. I can answer your question. It is an easy one.

You will feel better.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

There is another question not asked yet which you would benefit from by asking. The question is: How is it life doesn’t hold the promise of goodness when I work so hard to see goodness?

The disparity between your inner life and outer recollections transpire to eliminate the goodness that you seek. The goodness that you seek is internal, a very alive and vibrant part of your existence here in this dream-like world. To perceive yourself unfairly treated is to discredit the fact that you can only be discounted if you willingly overlook the goodness within your own heart. The disparity between eyes and heart follows the logical progression of seeing only with your brain’s eyes and not with your mind’s true eye seated in your heart.

Your heart is the citadel that houses seeing without judgement. It is the portal to which you transcend the limitations of time and space and enter into the sanctity of your heart’s longing for truth. That can only feel good. Do you not agree? And if you can only feel good here why would you not wish to visit this place and often?

They say that the best medicine is what does the heart good. Then would it not stand that what does your heart good is to be in the citadel of peace, your own heart? The walls you have placed around it not withstanding it is still the best place to be if you want to access the love and goodness within. Goodness is not without you Child. It is within. You would be better to reside there more often and listen to your own heart, Dear Heart. It tells the truth.

Peace Child, all is well. Go in peace.

I will meet you in your heart.

©Zumi Potts

Written May 17 2007 and October 24 2017


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