Spirit Teaching_On Sitting with Jesus plus the Goodness Question

© “Shade” by Zumi Potts


Dear Jesus,

So I have confusion. I think I heard you say, would I teach with you and would I write 15 minutes every day. Well, if this writing is not a book, then why is it that I write to you?

I need your help Jesus, to understand what it is I am being asked to do? Please direct me.

I suppose I’m stubborn, scared and reluctant, and it has already been said to me a million times but I’m still unclear. Please help me to understand.


Dearest Child, do not fret. It is all being timed perfectly.

Don’t run before you can walk. You see we are aiming at a point in time where you will be perfectly happy and content to move forward with me. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to be with me more and more. It is your system craving our contact because you will feel better after spending time with me in conscious connection. After you have done this for a while you will find that you will naturally wish to reach out to others and express what you have begun to store up in yourself; peace, goodwill, happiness and joy.

Don’t be afraid Child. I will never ask you to do anything that isn’t part of what you are made of, what comes naturally to you or feels completely acceptable.

(I begin to cry)

It’s okay. Have your tears. It is love rising to the surface.

Be bold Child, take my hand and come forward with me. Rest here in my heart and let me fill you with the Love of God.

(And an image comes: I take His hand and He rests his right hand on my heart.)

That’s better. Don’t be afraid; it won’t hurt.

I love you Child. My place is always in your heart. Rest here, assured that no harm can ever come to you. You are not on the earth plane for the reasons you think. Your struggles are struggles to identify your true nature while in physical form. You are not here to supplant your mind with a mind beyond yourself. You are here to integrate what is already yours. Perchance you have already understood that you are pretending to be something you are not and the weight/wait of that pretense is burdensome indeed.

Let us look at your life in terms of its higher nature and you will begin to get a perspective of what your life is all about.

Currently, you rise in the morning in a state of confusion about your life and what direction to take with it. You appear to dismiss your calling to come and be with me because you are troubled by the expectations you think I have lain upon you. But this is not the case. My love for you would never allow me to cause you trouble or pain.

I am charged with taking care with the souls on earth. My job does not include scaring people or robbing them of their comfortable lives. I interfere only at their request. I come because I am called. I am not allowed to interfere if the call has not been put out first. So hear me Child, no where is it written that I can interfere. I can only encourage and manipulate time for your benefit.

Your choice to currently experience the earth level as you do is due to a previous incarnation where you insisted on taking rites/rights to save the world from despair and destruction. You insisted on coming back to this experience to play a part in which you encourage others to overlay a perception of themselves beyond the seeming disparity of what their eyes see and what their heart’s feel. (A troubled mind only sees trouble, it cannot be otherwise. A troubled mind only wishes to be trouble-free and open to a loving experience of themselves beyond the limits of time and space.) In other words, you came to try to satisfy their craving for an experience of their eternal selves.

When you came into this earth plane you decided that you would assist others in the pursuit of themselves beyond time and space which many know as a prison. The limitations of a prison go beyond my words here but which you known intimately. So nothing further needs to be said about a state you are all too familiar with. Suffice to say, in order for you to speak from a place of intimate knowing—the limitations and restrictions of prison life—you must to some degree have its experience first hand, thereby able to speak of it convincingly. After all, you must know what it is you are being released from.

You have spent a good portion of your current life to date wallowing in the despair of the human tragedy; a drama of excellent proportions with a cast of characters that you would say, “Totally rock!” This is not meant to be disparaging, it is meant to show you the dream-like quality of your playing with matter and form.

(For some reason I didn’t finish typing this up, but on Oct. 24 2017, I asked Jesus if he would finish this channel.)

Jesus, please could we finish this channel?
The question being why is it that you ask me to spend 15 minutes with you every day writing?

I am here Child. Do not be afraid. I can answer your question. It is an easy one.

You will feel better.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

There is another question not asked yet which you would benefit from by asking. The question is: How is it life doesn’t hold the promise of goodness when I work so hard to see goodness?

The disparity between your inner life and outer recollections transpire to eliminate the goodness that you seek. The goodness that you seek is internal, a very alive and vibrant part of your existence here in this dream-like world. To perceive yourself unfairly treated is to discredit the fact that you can only be discounted if you willingly overlook the goodness within your own heart. The disparity between eyes and heart follows the logical progression of seeing only with your brain’s eyes and not with your mind’s true eye seated in your heart.

Your heart is the citadel that houses seeing without judgement. It is the portal to which you transcend the limitations of time and space and enter into the sanctity of your heart’s longing for truth. That can only feel good. Do you not agree? And if you can only feel good here why would you not wish to visit this place and often?

They say that the best medicine is what does the heart good. Then would it not stand that what does your heart good is to be in the citadel of peace, your own heart? The walls you have placed around it not withstanding it is still the best place to be if you want to access the love and goodness within. Goodness is not without you Child. It is within. You would be better to reside there more often and listen to your own heart, Dear Heart. It tells the truth.

Peace Child, all is well. Go in peace.

I will meet you in your heart.

©Zumi Potts

Written May 17 2007 and October 24 2017


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On Judgement—Only the ‘Sinful’ Wish Themselves Ill-at-Ease with Death

© Drawing and Words Zumi Potts

Click here for Zumi’s reading of the post.

Dear Holy Self, Jesus, Holy Spirit,

I’m reaching out to ask for help to stop judging. 
I judge myself harshly and I judge others harshly.
I don’t want this anymore.
I choose peace instead.

A thought that came whilst writing: “Wishing can never command will.”—If it is my will to punish myself, no amount of wishing it were otherwise will stop that.)

I admit that I am afraid of what I have made up in my mind about God and my false beliefs that He will punish me if I return Home with all my “sins”.

I keep reading and hearing that I’m a child of God but I keep resisting it, and I resist it by actively choosing to judge myself and others harshly.

Please, I ask for Heaven’s gentle help.



We are here Child, do not be afraid of our presence.
We will not harm you.

We are peaceful in your presence.
We are not angry or misguided about what you are.
We are peaceful here with you now.
We have no ill-will toward you, nor desire to superimpose our will (over) onto yours.
This is your greatest fear.


We will not harm you.
We come in peace, as peace to peace—wholeness to healing.
There is no doubt amongst us.
And here is no warrant for supplication.

We desire no ill-will;
For to do so and except God, of which you are a part, will separate us.
And this cannot be.

Where we rest do you rest also.
For peace is amongst us in the sanctity of Home.
We rest in surety, knowing even as you write from a perceptual world different in nature to Truth,
That peace as yet remains.

We do not doubt this (fight this).
But you appear to have “cause” to doubt since you must wrest God’s love into submission.

We gave up that fight for Truth.
What is there to fight?

Why would you fight peace?

It is the culminating force (culmination) of lifetimes lived in fear
That seems to sublimate the conditions of peace.
But hell has no hold on peace.

It is not a battle of wills you fight 
But for the subjugation of the holy desire to see the end of death.

Death, the conqueror of Truth supposes himself to be supreme victor but dark forces do not exist we tell you.
So then in truth, you fight nothing (alt: in Truth there is nothing to fight).

The only darkness there is arises in men’s minds which would appear in truth to be a dark force,
And yet still finds no repose in Heaven.
Only the “sinful” wish themselves ill at ease with death.

Where darkness lights on nothing, only shadows remain,
And peace sees through shadows.
This is the only thought of death that could be.

Where is the darkness then in men’s minds?
We surely do not know since death never was.

©Zumi Potts
Written October 17 2014










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The Memory of a Divine Timepiece

Artwork by Pamela Zagarenski

Dear Jesus,

I have a swarm of images playing in my mind
all directed by the ego.
It’s theme is familiar: guilt.
Round and round they go like horses on a carousel.
I cannot stop this carousel.

I need your help.
I would come to where you are,
Above this swirling mass, above of this battleground of repetition,
And see the truth.
Please help.

Dearest Child, dearest Little One.
Behold your light above and beyond all you see.
It is no coincidence that we should meet here above the fray,
for in that you can see nothing.
Literally, you are blind.

I see with my eye a greater magnitude than you.
I alone, above all the milieu can witness to the truth and the false, and pick what I want.

This is my ability, this is my calling.
I here can witness to the blessings these divine moments can create for you:
the peace, the hope, the tranquility.

See with my eye.
It is not closed.
It does not blink.
But it does peruse and perceive all and find it wanting or lacking, joyful and keen,
as needs must.

I will look with you on what you behold and see the truth and separate it out from the false.
And in this we will join hand-in-hand to form a union that is unbreakable.

I’ve seen your world, as you have built it
and it does seem to falter with little steps of improvement.
But here from this greater height I can tell you a different story.

I can tell you of the love that you are and the gift of peace that you bring.
I can sing of your journey and celebrate with you your triumphs.

But bless you Child, they are not what you think.

You lay over everything a carpet of doom.
A thick mass of an enriched heart wave of care-filled doom.
The kind of thickness that blankets the world and causes the seeing eye to be blind.
This is fact Child and facts cannot be changed.
But their purpose can be changed.

So for a while the thick blanket serves a purpose.
A wholly innocent and benign one.
One that, having been of ill, will now tranquillize the mind and heal the heart.

I have placed within your memory a timepiece.
It serves a different master and so its function, to tell of time, removes the complaints and the ailments that would indeed tell of a need to foster eternal vigilance.

I place it there in your mind to tell of a different time every time yours repeats at hourly intervals.
There are no hours in time eternal, only an alarm to awaken you from your deep sleep.
This alarm is gentle, peace-filled and wholly benign.
It awakens gently and succinctly to the tune of love divine,
and warrants no explanation for it is a tune you know and have sung to your self for eternity.

I love you Child and I love the song you sing.
It’s peaceful lullaby corrals your inner most longing
and hones its departure; a thing most natural and complete.

I am the orchestrator of the most precious moment in time.
The place where I exist for you in love and compassion for a wholesome way of existence.
I strive in my mightiness to bring you together the hours and the way divine.

I am the way as you are the way, as time is a way out of this space.

Love the nature of your development.
See it not as a curse but a timepiece of awakening.
A sure thing. A bet you can deliver with sound advice and knowledge.
It is yours for the receiving.
Receive it now here from me and be at peace.



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On Joining Beyond the Tall Tale of Woe

Pamela Zagarenski moon-2

channeled wriitng newsletter logo_2When you embark on the journey to undo false beliefs and false perceptions about yourself, you will encounter certain criteria for change. It will become necessary to look at the blocks to your awareness of God’s Love in your life. These blocks, while seemingly profound and significant on the surface, really only serve to keep you locked into the dynamic of separation.


Nothing could be further from the Truth.


To identify one’s self as limited and ultimately victimizable  by a system that cares nothing for you, only serves to reinforce seemingly implausible methods for “escape”. These, along with your assumption that you are not good enough to be loved, harbor ill-will and ill-feeling toward yourself. And while they seem like viable states they are simply not true and therefore, not worthy of your effort and consideration.


The grace of God’s Love compounds not your insignificance in His eyes. His Love for you is all grace. It counter-demands and requires you split from a loyalty to a system of thought that does not have your best interest at heart. This seeming tale-of-woe is indeed a tall-tale that prevents you from looking beyond it.


Suffice to say God’s Love is not conditional on getting into his “good graces”. To know and feel that He is supporting you, simply move aside the tall tale of woe. Simply put it aside and see with clarity beyond.

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On Co-dependence

prayerbeads-Pamela Zagarenski


Your peace is dependent on being the Love of God.
If you believe you are separate from God’s Love and His Will for you, you will suffer.

Seeing your “self” as an island unto your own, bereft of help and companionship, you will naturally project onto others that they have power over you, that they have the power to “save” you for you cannot “save” yourself. This state of affairs is painful at best and full of hate at worst.

Fearing others and their “might” over you will lead you to conclude that what others’ say and do about you, their dictates, can destroy you. Having more than you, you think, and taking the greater and better portions of life for themselves only to throw you scraps, leaves you co-dependent to their whims and moods.

This fear, based on a viewpoint of the world as you see it in your island state, condemns you as well as condemns your  brothers and sisters. For they are protected by the Will of God’s Love as are you; a Power of equal accessibility that condemns you not.

Nothing is more fearful than the supposition that you are removed from God’s Love and not worthy to be equal to others in “power and capacity”*.

Shed yourself of this debase and false accusation.

Peace is in you and of you.
Place yourself in this peaceful place and choose again your equality.
This is a right-minded use of your power.


*Reference to the chapter Co-dependence from Magui Block’s Healing the Family, p.103

© Zumi B. Potts
April 7, 2014

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The timing isn’t right

caged-heart-whole Pamela Zagarenski


There are words that come in peace.
There are words that come in violence.
They are the same.
They are neither.
They are but words.

It is the heart that knows the difference lies.
And in the heart the hole resides,
And the passage of time slips through;
Rendering for all a picture of what was
But can never be true.

The life you live,
The life you want,
Cannot compare with time.
Time is immemorial,
A complaint against your Life.

Rest here in the hole,
Holy divine, wholly at peace.
The rendered space between you and me does not exist
And you can never give that up.
The timing isn’t right.

©Zumi Potts October 28 2013

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Spirit Dialogue: The healing purpose of couple relationships in time


“The purpose of your relationships is to provide you a backdrop to confront “your demons”.

If you wish to realize the truth within you, you will one day realize that your expression of love for humankind rests not on having sex but on an open heart. Peace within your heart will provide you with the answers to the dilemma of your external experiences. “Doing” or “not doing” are not the pre-requisites for an enjoyable, peaceful existence. The accessing and utilizing of the resources of your heart provide those.

It is common in your era and society to place physical love and transcendent love in a the same boat, but they do not comply with one another,  for their source comes not within the framework of an earthly body.

Transcendent love mirrors certainty; the unfailing unequivocal means to find happiness in, around, through, and beyond any structure you put in place hiding certainty from you. Coupled within the seemingly endless supply of structures to defend against is where you hide your light, your love, and your compassion. These quantities of existence (innumerable structures) belie your ability to comprehend the truth. Seemingly solid in their existence, they appear to withstand the forces of time and nature. But they cannot.

Your plan to save time from destruction requires you to place around you the memory of those things that appear solid. But as you note, all these things are as like to solid air. They have no substance, nor matter. If you play with substance, matter, as if it is solid then you will forget yourself. You will adhere to principles that mock you, and you will make wrong footholds in time. You will use time wrongly, only to obscure your defenses against God’s love and you will inhibit the control and the limits God places on your misuse of time.

Seeing with eyes of gold will produce a different state/awareness in your mind that all things are golden. And if all things are golden then all things will be seen in the correct light. Then from all things will issue forth a correction or a perception on seeing that will not couch your conscience in sin nor wrongdoing. You will see the truth of other’s actions and forgive all. You cannot sustain for long the knowing of God’s Grace falling on everything if your eyes are golden. Therefore spread your golden eyes on all you see and then right action will be as easy as picking cherries of a tree.”

© Zumi Potts
August 26 2013

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“Choose Me as you/r ideal partner and all the love and healing that you want will come to you.”

Artwork by Pamela Zagaranski
Artwork by Pamela Zagaranski

Dear All,


I have a new class starting this Thursday evening in Narragansett, RI. I’m calling it, “Be the Love You Are-Attract the love you want.”


Working with Magui’s work for 7 months and aware of changes for the better in relationships and improvements in all aspects of my life, I’ve built a new class to include my observations with working with the material. I would call this an integration of her work, her viewpoint on healing, with my viewpoint on healing, which includes my experiences from  personal healing (mind-body) with my 13 year practice with clients’ mind-body on-going journey to heal, and my studies into metaphysical and spiritual principles.

Continue reading

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Choosing love over fear; the unsubstantial, the corrupting and malleable




Spirit, please talk about choosing love over fear?


Peace, Child,

Be in peace.

Love is not a stable state
when you perceive it from your limited human perspective.
It stabilizes
once you renounce complying
with the rules you set up for engagement.

Your rules indicate absolute obedience to laws
that are unsubstantial, corrupting and malleable. Continue reading

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