The heart is not for getting, it is for giving.

The Heart is not For Getting, The Heart is For Giving

Dear Reader,

I asked Spirit about Opening Up the Heart, the topic of the first in a series of  transformation classes I’m conducting starting next week, in order to get a higher take on the subject. Here is what come through.


Dear Spirit,

Please, will you share some words to help understand about opening the heart.

Open your heart now Child and let me in. It is as simple as that.

But how do we do that?

Ask for me to enter and I will reside there.

So many of us are afraid of your presence, your Perfect Love. We see you as separate from us and that you will take something away from us, like an exchange of giving to get.

You don’t understand the human heart if you believe this is so.

Let me tell you about the human heart.

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Unify Oneness

Separate but One
Separate but One


You are not here to be successful, you’re here to unify Oneness

Oh! Like how I feel when I find Aiden’s other sock, missing from the laundry?

Yes, it will not feel right until you put them together.

And so that is a form of success, right?

How does it make you feel?

Better; I can’t stand lonely socks.

You just answered your own question.

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Transcending Family Patterns-spiritual perspective

Dear Reader,

I wrote down the following dialogue with Spirit in January 2001.



Look in your heart, Child
You will find us there.

For we live in your heart.
It is your closest connection to Heavenly Father,
and we are stationed on that pathway.

(I begin weeping) You weep child because you can feel our love for you,
and it overwhelms your physical body.
It expresses itself on your form, and your only release outlet is through your tears.
It is a bittersweet feeling, is it not, because you feel the joy
and at the same time you recognise you are home-sick.
Please be very patient with yourself Child.
We know you, and love you.

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Flowing vs Following


So much self-hate and self-loathing, a defense against God’s love?

Dear Child,

I am here in your mind. Be not afraid of the spark of genius that resonates in your mind; for you are perfect peace and perfect love. Nothing surrounds you but God’s calling; a call to unite with His Love.

His Presence is felt even in the darkest of places. In the absence of light, places can seem very dark indeed, but even here Love can be felt, if it is sought. Do not forget Him, or His love will not flow to you and darkness will surround you.

Look to your heart and find His Perfect Peace resting there. Confuse not your following with His peace but enter into the flowing and you will be peaceful.

God wishes you well, always. There is never a time when His bounty is not felt. Surround yourself in this and your senses will always be attuned to it.

When Guidance refers to you, it is not a reference to the ego, individualized you that we would normally qualify as the self, little ‘s’. In other words, it’s not I, Zumi, or you dear reader, it is all of us collectively. It is, however applicable to the concept of self when we cannot see beyond our own nose, literally! So read with an open-mind without self-judgement.

And since we really are spirit defined by perceptions of being bodies, what I wrote above is a necessary, important and crucial distinction to make when reading this material. Otherwise, we would feel either terrible guilty that we didn’t follow spirit’s guidance or conversely feel exceedingly superior.

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Dreams of Hate

Artwork by Pamela Zagaranski


Dear Beloved Spirit,


There is so much fear, so much hate.  


Dearest Little One,

Forgive yourself, this moment of weakness. Think not on yourself, but on all others who come to you for help, who need to find a different way.


You have found a different way in me. I am your salvation. I am the gift in the world. I am the peace that you seek. I am, and I am here with you now.


Remember times past when you couldn’t wait for Christmas to arrive? The unwrapping of your stocking and the gifts it contained? Well, I am that gift unto you. I remain within your heart forever, for eternity. There is never a time when the gift of what I am, your love, has NOT always resided in you to bring you peace and reassurance for the truth that is here in the moment.


The peace you want to unwrap now is within you. You settle for pretty wrapping paper, but the gift is inside.  You must see past the paper, you must not end your search there with the nothing that wraps and hides the gift. That would be tragedy indeed to throw away the gift saying it is nothing because you cannot see beyond the dazzle of colored paper, ravenous to simply unwrap, but not accept what is inside.


Fear is the same the way.  It wraps and coils around your heart convincing you there is no value beyond. How shabby a gift I would give if this were true of mine to you.  See what is in your heart, in the deep center of your *Stillness that connects to my heart and all other hearts that remain constant in constancy still.


The truth is you have never left Home.


The fear in you camouflages the essence of your Divine Nature. It will rock you to your core, destabilizing you and make all things shabby, along with its shabby self.


How can fear replace the Love of the Divine, the God within you? How can its tenants/tendrils of fear ever enter the sanctuary of pure blessed divine-inherited Love and pronounce you regretful, and a failure, and a mis-creation not worthy of His Love. How could this ever be?


Only in dreams do you satisfy your longing to replace God’s love with fear. Only in a hate-filled space deemed separate from Him who loves you, could you ever deny God’s grace and call it unwelcome.


I sit before you in the Mind’s eye of your heart. I come to you when you call because it is my job to exchange dreams, fantasies and illusions of such a place apart from you. I come to exchange dreams of hate, your choice of what you would remember, for the exquisite remembrance of your Perfect Love. I come to remove the bitter taste from your mouth of despair and loneliness, and replace it with the joyful savoring of His Sweetness.


Sitting now here as you do, trying to fathom the complexities of hate as if they were some riddle whose puzzle you must decipher to be free forever, I tell you defy the very meaning of undoing. It’s complexities were built to defy God’s love. You only enter into the fray, more devoted and serious as ever if you think you have any answers to its meaning.


For hatred is meaningless. It is simply a diversionary tactic to take you away from the love within.  The Source of perfect love is within your own heart. Hate is the glitzy wrapping paper that you want to satisfy yourself with far more than His Love.


Pretend not to feel the pain of another, but feel the pain within your heart. This place here and now within you is the source of discomfort and sorrow.  All who come into the dream to dance with hate place their hearts on hold and wrap it up tight in order to see there is anything more beyond their heart and its contents.


If you see hatred, know you carry hatred. If you see pain, know you carry pain, and you carry pain for all humankind. Lock out the Love of God as the only solution that can dispel the sorrows of the world and you doom yourself to wander aimless in search of that which you cannot find.


Look only to the source of your despair and worries, the grief you carry, since you gave away the only gift ever worth having, the gift of God’s love to you.


That is why I come. That is why I remain. I am the way, I am the life, as you are, as He is. All heart’s join as one to remember His Good Name.


Peace remains with you, Child. Go in peace.

*Stillness is capitalized because it is a holy place.


©Zumi Potts
Written December 20th 2012


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Advice from the Stillness about being a healer.

 Pamela Zagarenski

Dear Reader,

As a healer, as a human, doubt of the existence of something beyond time and space loving us, and always present and available, challenges me. Such is the nature for us all of living in a world of our own making and then forgetting we dreamt it into existence. Our true self, our eternal nature, seems to have nothing to do with this world since everything we see and touch constantly seems to reinforce being at the mercy of things beyond our control.

I have had moments of exquisite peace and be shown the true nature of ‘us’, a vision you might say. But they are fleeting and the conviction dissolves in time. As a healer I continually  have to learn to trust that that divine presence is always present and available to me, especially when I am working with clients.

This post is from a dialogue with Spirit when I was losing my faith.



Dear Beloved Spirit,

I have to admit that I am afraid I will get it wrong when I work with clients; I’ll make a mistake and nothing will come.  I’m afraid I’m doing this work with no love but all ego, to make myself important.  So I ask for your help, support and love, and I give all ‘my’ healing work to you to direct.


Dear Child, We are here to help you.  We see you write to me and we wish to remind you that you cannot do anything wrong.  Our love for you is profound, and that love will expand from me to you and through you to others.


All in all what you do on behalf of Spirit lies in your own intention.  Do you do sessions for gain and profit or do you do sessions so that God’s children can be free and comforted, especially now as the forces for change are come among you?  You are preparing a vast wasteland of denied energy to surface and be accounted for.  For the responsibility to undo what has been made-up lie within the hands of the chosen ones: Those who accept responsibility for their stories.


Limited application of thoughtfulness defines the nature of your what you see. Unhappiness and lack of peace undermine the ability to comprehend culpability.  Suffice to say, little or no knowledge of self-direction filters into the awareness and so nothing changes for the better, only more of the same results.


If you hinder the process of reunification, you are stalling your ability to transcend uselessness into positive endeavor.


Do not be discouraged by these words.  You are simply allowing your great need for understanding to rise to the surface.  You want answers to your current dilemma of how the energy from your thinking works and how it affects others, and therefore we give you the background into how you help or hinder.


You cannot destroy the energy.  It mutants and becomes different seeming things, but its source is always divine and its nature is love.  Transferring, stepping down energy to its least common denominator – its weakest link – stills the energy and makes it useless, but the causal ability of love is always profound and powerful.  It exists as the nature of what you are, and in fact reflects your greatest nature, that of the Divine.


Your God-like status seems to wane at the behest of your creations because they are not ultimately reflective of your great assets.  Leave those ( your creations) aside and you will see through portholes, the openings to your Divine Nature, to once again reconfigure energy to reflect the greatest aspects of yourself.  There is no cheating in this, to have some individuals ‘see’ through portholes more clearly than others.  In that respect you glimpse an aspect of your greatness across the field of perception that includes All.


It is the Nature of Divinity to consistently restore you to your original glory – it cannot be foretold of your deliverance from hell without resuming the power ‘to do’ so.  So as you glimpse, as you delve once again into the nature of yourself, you also regain and assume your power.  In that respect, those who ‘see’ are power-builders and they do so at the request of mankind its Self which constantly desires its immortal status once more, and at the very least merely the remembrance of it.


Power-builders do not seek to justify their existence and ask is this right, is this wrong?  They merely provide opportunities for those who seek to regain their balance of existence across the crumpling wasteland of their creations.  In that, they hold the ship of humanity steady upon the sea of disillusion and amorphic contrivances.


Do not feel indebted to those who report on the nature of true reality, for their existence also relies on the very nature of existence upon which all rely.  Their profound seeming ability to move through different states of reality to bring in language that transforms hearts, is the result of years of recognition that what their eyes tell them is happening is a deception.  True reality is glimpsed continually by those who are awakening and the transcendence of fear accomplished.


Despite a viewpoint to the contrary that you yourself purport, you have also conquered your limiting fear responses to what you ’see’.  You feel it now as a confidence to ‘give’ what you hear and see with your mind and heart independent of what it looks like, and more importantly what you believe others wish to impose upon your viewpoint.    Your current dilemma or whether or not to move forward and offer your gift ‘to glimpse’ for others suggests that you are all ready, and that the application of your skills for your own further development now coincides with others acceptance of the possibility of a new viewpoint for themselves.  There is no end a supply of dear souls ready to wake up your commitment to assisting this process in them, and ultimately it helps all to reinvent, re-imagine and reconfigure energy to reflect the glory of themselves again, akin to the natural reflection of their true Godhead.   In this, all seeming abstraction becomes reaffirmed into your reality, and rejuvenation of Spirit ensues.


Do not hinder yourself any longer Child by classifying yourself as incapable.  You will limit your ability to be useful and therefore stymie your impulse to create a better environment for the Children of God to play in.  Take heart Child, all is not lost, all can not be but regained, and your transcendent abilities utilized to the fullest.  Take heart Child for your long journey is over and you may find peace and rest here.  Be still and know yourself as God.

Peace be with you: go in peace.

© Zumi Potts
Written May 12, 2010

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In the Still of Nothing You Know

In the following writing, Spirit addresses my fear. This is a deep-seated fear that comes to us all eventually when we recognize the inherent meaninglessness of living a life apart from Oneness/God/ Truth. You know, that separate ego existence that appears to make being in a body meaningful only for itself.  The fear of joining and trusting God/Oneness is often so terrifying that we will not allow ourselves to feel it, and then we miss an opportunity to transcend it.

I often try to skip over the fear by doing things, doing things in a world. I usually go to doing things that make me a better human being, smarter, more knowledgable, more intelligent, or stuff that ‘gets’ others to like me. You know, things that plump up the ego.

Here, Spirit gives me another perspective.

*Interesting to note 2 nods to Shakespeare’s Hamlet

“To die to sleep,
To sleep, perchance to Dream..”

“hoist with his own petard



Remember all is for nought. Not one piece of you remains transfixed in a state of nothing.
No cluelessness exists. No Divine providence provides for you without your existence.
No mercy falls on your face, no sad eyes account for troubles without you.

List not to one side or the other, but place your face in your own hands and recant not the love.
Hold steady, hold true, and release forgiveness, for in your eyes shines Heaven’s gate.

Perchance in dreams you die but in Truth you rest eternal and sure.
Truth, true and abundant, sits in you now; still, patient, and alert.
It cannot in truth sit still, for it is not nothing but All.

Patience requires you sit still, but patience is not of you.

You sit redeemed and yet not redeemable.
You cannot not but await patience’s flow.

It seems an eternity, this waiting.
It seems a forlorn existence does it not,
Awaiting the hands of time to pass one moment into the next?
But it is Truth, is it not, that sleeps, bound up restless in the arms that confine it?
Waiting to burst on the scene and rejoice in the nothingness that created it not.

Confine not your heart to lifetime’s worth of lifeless memories spilled into existence by dormant hand.
Refine the search and let existence speak for itself.
What does it say? Can any hear it?

You counter-act in acting. You listlessly suppress the undoing, as if all talk is meaningful that rests on nothing. Its own petard hoisted on itself.

You cannot counter-act It’s ways, for it is Its encountering you seek.
Cancel not then your foe in this manner, but wander into dimensions unseen to counter-act in truth.

Be entirely patient then, for wandering you must go, until a time beyond time’s knowing.
You will settle into All and reside forever in the still of nothing you know.

©Zumi Potts
Written October 3 2012

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What is self-hate?

Dear Spirit,

Please tell me what is self-hate?

(Simultaneously I pick up 2 thought-sentences)

  • Self-hate is a form of abuse
  • It’s  an inability to focus on the truth

What does ‘an inability to focus on the truth’ mean?

It’s the means whereby you accept one premise and replace it with another that appears more desirable, but which in effect causes the opposite of what you want. Therefore subjecting you to more pain and suffering which continues to fuel self-hate.

How does one get out of self-abuse?

By recognising the inherent lie that fuels the act.

You see there is no cause for self-abuse. It’s based on the predicate that you are evil, sinful and deserving punishment. When no punishment is found then the self punishes itself.

Is that reflected in the body when the cells attack themselves?

Your body, yes, correctly seen does indeed reflect the thought system it believes in.
If the thought system believes in sin, guilt and fear, and the need for punishment, it will be reflected in the body, because that’s want you want, and the body can only comply with your wishes.

So to stop cells attacking the body what needs to happen?

Well, first you need to recognize that what you thought was true was not.
You cannot attempt to undermine the power of the commands you have given your sight.

If you wish to perceive yourself as victims of a world then quite rightly your body will be victimized  by your own thinking.
It is impossible to take away symptoms in the body until it is first recognized that the power of your mind to change is under your control.

No one can affect physical change until mental change has been decided upon.

So miraculous cures and miracle healing?

Are the result of the decision to change one’s mind about being a victim of a world.

It rests on faith Child.
There is faith.
Even the small mustard seed of faith builds a new way of seeing.
Yes even if it’s that small, the power of faith to change one’s mind can effect a result that appears larger than the seed of faith itself. Nonetheless, the power of that seed can alleviate symptoms of distress that otherwise might appear to be intractable.

Compounding stories to alleviate pain never works.

Please explain what this means?

You have the power within you to change your mind about all you see.
It therefore follows that you also have the power within you to change your mind about the stories that come to you to explain your dilemmas (rationalization).

Not one of them is true but in repeating them their reality appears set.  The compounding of stories sets the key elements in place that will produce results (effects).

So if your stories are stories of victimhood, then the results will appear to verify that yes, indeed it’s true, you have suffered at the hands of fate, life, difficult relationships, and substances within a world. But this isn’t true and will never be true, no matter how much you tell the story.

What is true is that you see yourself as victim and then find causes to verify that victimhood is real. Nothing other than this is the cause of suffering ever. No matter what the outer appearance may tell you.

Do not be disturbed by this information Child. You cannot break anything by telling the truth.
There is liberation in truth. Use it now wisely to release yourself from despair and suffering.

What is the faith you mentioned earlier, what’s it based on?

Faith is the ability/result (the means and the end) of joining your mind to/with the truth. Once even a little faith has opened a door to light up the darkness in your mind then even difficult and painful symptoms will diminish, because you are no longer wishing for the truth, you have activated it. Energy that was on a course to destruction can just as easily be used for the truth.

Enlightenment comes/dawns for you when you accept that it is only the truth that will set you free. Yes, of course it will first make you angry because the source is not human it’s Divine, and many are incapable of recognizing that the Divine and only the Divine transforms.

You are Divine and only your Self in divinity can change the perception of self-hate you have wrought upon your self. This division in your mind is only a seeming and has no permenance, for in truth a separation from Self cannot occur.

You can turn in your mind to truth and return Home and find comfort within the mind of Oneness. But have no fear, you will not be transported out of a body but in your mind return to your Self in peace. In truth at Home you cannot be victimized EVER because your right mind perceives correctly and is not blocked by false perceptions of any kind.

Take that to the bank Child, it is valuable.

So faith is believing in the Divine?

No faith is accepting the Truth.

Let not the Truth harm your concept of self and you will remain in terror, but sacrifice your love of victimhood and all your trouble will be removed.

© Zumi Potts
Written September 1st 2012

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